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    Our move to establish UIL as a broader based investor has enabled the establishment of several platforms which have benefited from a sharper focus and in-depth knowledge of segments of the market.

    Utilico Emerging Markets Trust plc sets the precedent and over the last three years UIL has supported the formation of Somers Limited (financial services); Zeta Resources Limited (commodities); and Bermuda First Investment Company Limited (Bermuda centric assets). In addition, UIL has established a strong track record of investing in the FinTech space and is looking to establish a “platform” to capitalise on this position. These platforms continue to make significant progress.

    Top 10 Holdings as at 31 July 2019

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      Company name Sector % of Group investments  
    1 Somers Limited Financial services 20.8%  
    2 Utilico Emerging Markets Trust plc Investment company  16.0%  
    3 Resolute Mining Limited Gold mining company 15.0%  
    4 Zeta Resources Limited Resource investment company 12.4%  
    5 Optal Limited Technology company 7.7%  
    6 Afterpay Touch Group Limited Electronic payment services 6.8%  
    7 Bermuda First Investment Company Limited Investment company 4.2%  
    8 One Communications Limited Telecommunications company 4.1%  
    9 Allectus Capital Limited Technology fund 3.5%  
    10 Vix Tech Pte Ltd Automated fare collection systems 1.6%