We have established UIL as a broader based investor, and have sponsored the creation of several investment platforms which have allowed UIL to benefit from a sharper focus and in-depth knowledge of segments of the market.

Utilico Emerging Markets Trust plc was the first UIL sponsored platform. UIL has supported the formation of Somers Limited (financial services) and Zeta Resources Limited (commodities). In addition, UIL has established a strong track record of investing in the FinTech space, creating the Allectus Technology platform to capitalise on this position. These platforms continue to make pleasing progress.

Top 10 Holdings as at 30 April 2022

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No Company Country of domicile Sector Gross assets
1 Somers Limited Bermuda
Financial services

A financial services investment platform, which primarily invests in the banking, wealth management and asset financing sectors.

2 Zeta Resources Limited Bermuda
Resource investment company

A resources-focused investment platform, which invests in a range of resource entities, including those focused on bauxite, gold, copper, nickel, graphite, oil & gas and base metals exploration and production.

3 Utilico Emerging Markets Trust plc United Kingdom
Investment company

A UK closed-end investment trust dedicated to investments in infrastructure, utility and related sectors in the emerging markets.

4 ICM Mobility Group Limited United Kingdom
Payments Technology

A UK holding company focused on the mobility sector for private and public transport, and invests in businesses shaping the digital transformation of the mobility sector.

5 Allectus Capital Limited Bermuda
Technology fund

A technology investment platform with a value-focused portfolio of listed and unlisted technology companies. Allectus is owned by Vix Limited and UIL Limited, and managed by ICM Limited.

6 Resolute Mining Limited Australia
Gold mining company

A gold mining and exploration company with more than 30 years of experience as an explorer, developer and operator of gold mines in Africa. Resolute is also active in exploration with drilling campaigns underway across its African tenements with a focus on Mali, Senegal and Guinea.


7 Nautilus Data Technologies Inc USA
Data Centre Technology

A US based company developing water cooled data centres and associated patented technologies.

8 Starpharma Holdings Limited Australia

A global biopharmaceutical company, specialising in research, development, and commercialisation of dendrimer products for pharmaceutical applications worldwide. 


9 AssetCo plc United Kingdom
Asset and Wealth Management

AssetCo is primarily involved in acquiring, managing and operating asset and wealth management activities and interests, together with other related services.

10 Orbital Corporation Limited Australia

A manufacturer of integral propulsion systems for tactical unmanned aerial vehicles for military application.